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GRK Fine Chemicals Private Limited is a Hyderabad, India based organization engaged in the production and supply of organic chemicals and intermediates used in the chemical industry. Our highly experienced team of scientists and modern infrastructure are well-equipped to deliver high-quality products at competitive costs within the least possible time. We have successfully delivered a good number of projects providing synthesis and production capabilities.

Vision + Mission

Vision: Our vision is to emerge as the First Choice for Fine Chemicals, advanced drug intermediates and KSM in the industry.
Mission: To create an exclusive portfolio of Specialty Chemicals to support the research activities of our clients operating in the academic and industrial space.

Quality Policy

Our constant effort has always been
- To meet the clients requirement
- To improve the system and process time to time
- To train the employees for the company’s growth
- To maintain the quality at par with global standard

Value Propositions

Creation of highly efficient, green and robust processes to bring down time cycle and cost, enabling ‘faster-better-cheaper’ delivery of chemical entities.

High Ethical Standards

High ethical standards and protects client IP with strict vigilance.

Transparent Communication

Honest and transparent communication with our customers is one of the key components of our culture.


GRK Fine Chemicals provides following customized services to the satisfactory level of our clients. We provide efficient and quality services to support and accelerate the research needs of our customers.

Process development

- We thoroughly follow every step while searching for lead molecules and their properties. Our expertise lies in the development of process related parameters such as route scouting, process optimization, product isolation, product purification and scale up.
- We put our major thrust on R&D for the new synthetic methodology.
- A facility equipped with low temperature circulators, vacuum evaporators, lyophilizer, and standard Schlenk lines for handling air/moisture sensitive samples.
- Parr hydrogenator, and Autoclave for hydrogenation and special type reactions.
- Ability to perform all the reactions under one roof.

Custom synthesis

We routinely do custom synthesis of scaffolds, building blocks, special reagents, ligands for our clients. Typical scale varies from mg to kilos. We have experience in synthesizing diverse classes of compounds including optically active ones. Special tools include
- Resin Based Purification
- Carboxylation
- Timely delivery with predefined quality and part shipment
- Regular project update and project information.
- Final product/intermediates characterized (NMR, HPLC, or LC-MS).
- Process development from milligrams to kilogram.
- We put our major focus on cheap, environmentally benign and readily available starting materials, reagents and catalysts.
- We supply written reports in the preferred format needed by the client for each compounds which includes protocol and data set.

R & D (Manufacturing)

- Manufacture of advanced intermediates and Key Starting Materials (KSMs)
- Process optimization and validation
- Custom manufacturing of New Chemical Entities (NCEs)
- Tech Transfer of existing technologies
- Manufacturing to support commercial launch and routine supply


Spectroscopic Capabilities

Structure elucidation of small molecules by Spectroscopic techniques

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Chromatographic Capabilities

Purity estimation of NCE’s by Reverse and Normal phase Chromatography, Determination of enantiomer excess using variety of chiral column.

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Purification Capabilities

Kilo scale purification of compounds.

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Impurity Profiling Capabilities

- Isolation and characterization of unknown impurities from APIs and Formulations utilizing the strong skills in preparative isolation and structure elucidation.
- Impurity isolation
- Impurity Synthesis
- Forced degradation studies

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Product Manufacturing

- Kilo lab Facility
- [Glass jacketed reactors, 50L,100L, 200L, 300L]
- Large-scale production unit
- [Glass jacketed reactors, 1KL, 2KL GLR, 2KL, 3KL SS reactors]
- Hydrogenation reactor facility
- Centrifuge & Nutsche filter isolation
- Packaging
- Standard packing materials are used
- Materials are packed in customized size and delivered to the customers

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GRK Fine Chemicals primarily gives priority to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and also ensures a clean, safe & healthy workplace for employees. It also ensures clean and safe environment for the community.
- Complying with environmental regulations
- Extensive safety awareness training
- Personal protective equipment (PPE)
- Zero discharge facility
- Handling waste and recycling
- Periodic audits

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Our board of directors

Our leadership team

Dr. Balaram Patro

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ram Singh

Principal Scientist

Mr Kishor Mehare

Director, Business Development