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GRK Fine Chemicals provides following customized services to the satisfactory level of our clients. We provide efficient and quality services to support and accelerate the research needs of our customers.

Our services include:

  • Non GMP production of Specialty Chemicals, Building Blocks and Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Process scale-up and optimizationWe take up projects which require developing a process for scaling-up of non-regulated compounds, building blocks, intermediates and so on involving every stage optimization through cost effective methods and green chemistry.
  • Route scouting and optimization for unknown processes
  • Scale-up of specialty chemicals
    1. Aza and Carbasugars
    2. Disaccharides
    3. Nucleosides
    4. Aminoacids
    5. Natural and Unnatural Aminoacids and their derivatives
    6. Boc/Cbz/Fmoc protected Aminoacids and their derivatives
    7. Small Peptides
  • Specialty Reactions
    1. Coupling reactions
    2. C-C, C-N, C-O, C-S etc.,
    3. C-H activation
    4. Alkylation, Nitration & Sulfonation
    5. Halogenation
  • Organo metallic reactions
    1. Grignard reagents and Reactions
    2. Reactions involving Butyl Lithium, LiHMDS, LAH, LDA, DIBAL-H, etc.,